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All about Heart

Happy Winter everyone! With the deep freeze upon us this weekend in Toronto, I am thinking about how to warm up our space this weekend. Our family is hunkering down and getting ready to have friends over for an afternoon of football tomorrow. While our pot of chili is cooking in the kitchen, in the studio I am making another Valentine's Day Card for someone. If you are here for the first time, let me introduce you to our Little Artist|Big Heart Campaign. In the month of January & part of February leading up to Valentine's Day we are asking everyone make a card for a local senior. Write a thoughtful and kind note to someone to let them know they matter. For details on how to participate you can download our instructions here. Come back here each week to get some inspiration or helpful hints. Heck, if you have something to share that is wonderful as well:

This week's card was inspired by all the people have shown me love in the past week. Working on this campaign has opened so many conversations about how we could involve many people into our community. Community being so important to everyone's mental health. Coming together to help others in our community, especially those we don't know, help spread a feeling of well-being. It allows others to know they are an important part of our society and that our contributions matter, regardless how big or small our gestures are. I hope you're cards are coming along as we now have approximately a thousand seniors looking forward to receiving a handmade card, made by you. Here is today's tip: You can take one shape and overlap to build your card into a 3D image. You can take coloured paper and foam hearts to create depth into your pictures. I didn't add any bling here (I am saving that for my son) but you can add as many flourishes and details as you like. What would you details would you add to my card to make it extra special?

Next Week Look out for instructions on how to make a Pop-up Card.

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