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Little Artist | Big Heart

I am feeling thankful today. After a year of business and meeting so many amazing little artists, I reflect back on a year with so much vibrancy, fun, creative thinking, challenges and hurdles. When I started this business I saw a need to help younger kids have access to more creative ways of expressing themselves. As I went along on this awesome journey I could see it wasn't just the kids that needed the creative outlet but adults too. There was a need to have some connection to community, to another human. We all want to know, as a human being, we matter in the big space called society. Over the year I was more than happy to do charitable work along side my business, as I believe in giving back to the community that supports me. As we creep closer to that infamous and sometimes heartbreaking time of year often associated with chocolates, flowers, love and romance, I begin to think of those who dread this time of year. The lonely, the single, the elderly, the downtrodden and I thought what could I do to make someone's day a bit brighter. The tools I have at my disposal are art-making. Art-making is not a perfect science but it is done with presence of mind and intention so I decided to create the Little Artist \Big Heart Campaign. Little Artist \Big Heart Campaign The Little Artist \Big Heart Campaign is about creating and giving. So, for the month of January and part of February leading up to Valentine's Day I am asking everyone to create a card for someone they don't know and send it to them physically through The Little Artist and to post it to social media with #littleartistbigheart Physical cards can be dropped off at either:

The Little Artist Studio Basement Studio 26 Greyhound Drive M2H 1K3


Cummer Park Community Centre Information Desk 6000 Leslie St, North York, ON M2H 1J9 Virtual Drop off: Post to the following using the hashtag #littleartistbigheart The Little Artist Facebook Page

The Little Artist Instagram Page This is essentially a big art project that will be posted for everyone to see. You don't need anything fancy, a piece of paper, a pen and your positive thoughts for someone else is all you need to participate. I will be making some suggestions once a week leading up to the final day Valentine's Day. Here are somethings to keep in mind: Materials

  • 8 1/2" x 11" or 8" x 10" sheet of paper (card stock, construction paper, computer paper, whatever you have on hand)

  • Drawing materials (pencil, pen, crayons, markers, pastels, paint)

  • Optional: Embellishments (pom pom, googey eyes, ribbons, textured paper, scraps, tinfoil, dollies, buttons, glitter glue, felt etc.)

How To: This is where I leave it up to you to decide how you want to tackle your card. I will be making a few suggestions here and on social media to help you with some ideas of what to do. As a general rule of thumb, start by creating a fold in the paper to create the wow factor when opening up a card. You can have words of encouragement or no words on the front. You could have the image on the outside and keep the image for the inside. Or you could even make a card which doesn't fold at all. Whatever you decide make sure you have at least these one of these elements:

  • A wish or hope for the person receiving it, ( ie. Wishing you a wonderful day!)

  • A congratulatory message, (ie. Congratulations on being special and unique!)

  • Words of encouragement, ( ie. Keep on smiling!)

  • A picture which is uplifting (please don't use a picture of yourself, maybe from a magazine or book, a drawing)

  • You may decide to sign using your first name only or just "a little artist"

Once you have finished creating your card, before sending it to us, make sure to take a picture and post to:

The Little Artist Facebook Page The Little Artist Instagram Page

Post using the hashtag #littleartistbigheart

Tip: A different way to tackle creating a card is how you fold it. For example instead of folding it in half why not fold in on the sides to make a tri-fold card so that it opens up from the centre? Add a little embellishment, like a sticker or in this case 2 origami hearts.

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