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The Little Artist

Today is my rebirth as an artist, daughter and mother. It is also my actual birthday.

As an artist, I have been on a long hiatus due to life circumstances, marriage, motherhood and aging parents. I was always too busy to tackle a painting or a new print. Life just kind of got in the way.

But as a mother with an artistic background, I had always wanted to introduce the creative arts to my child. I didn't know if he would ever want to do anything creative but I felt I owed it to him to try. Now don't read this as I want him to have the same love of art as I do. (Of course that would be wonderful and we would have something to bond over.) No, my reasoning to introduce the arts to my child was to help him with his everyday curiosity, motor skills and problem solving. Very practical for an artistic mom. As my little one grew, I like many parents, I introduced technology into his young life. What I noticed was that after he would watch a favourite program or play a game on my cell phone, his personality would change. There was a sense he was overwhelmed. I am not opposed to technology, it did after all helped him learn the alphabet, but he wasn't DOING anything as he sat there staring into a screen. He wasn't engaged with anything or anyone. Yet, he was overwhelmed. So to keep my sanity and help him not turn into a monster, I turned to the one thing that has calmed me down in my previous artistic life. Creating. We started with crayon drawings and scribbles. We moved on to pencil and lines. Watercolours and oil pastels. Printmaking with cardboard and stickers. Clay. We continue to explore and have fun with all the different mediums.

With all of that exploration, the idea for The Little Artist was born. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts on my everyday goings on and explorations. I hope you will join me in my rediscovery into artistic endeavours and my mission to bring visual arts to young children.

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